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ATC Member Benefits

Regular Members

New customer who registers an account online will be a regular member. Regular Member registration is free of cost and item price will be charged (crossed price in gray color) as retail price mentioned on item or as company rates list.

Special/VIP Members

By purchasing  ATC Members Card with annual fee 1200.Rs you will become SpecialMember (VIP) and will charged discounted price 5 to 25% on each item and will be able get special promotions.

Wholesale Members

We also have Wholesale Membership, its annual fee 5000.Rs, it is allowed only for shop keepers or commercial business based customers. They have minimum quantity rule and also special discount price.


Note! Change of status as Special Members will take 24hours so you can see discounted price on the website.

Validity of membership is from 1st Sep to 31st Aug every year. Customers can get membership at any time in the year, but validity will end 31st,Aug.




Regular Members

Special Members Card

Cost per  year no cost yes
Discount On Items Price Not Available Available
Sale Price Discounted Special Discount
Home Delivery  Available Available
Redelivery Charges (In any case) 200 Rs. 200Rs.
New or Renewal Card  1200. Rs 1000 Rs (with time limit)
Shopping Points 1 point
150.Rs 100.Rs
Shopping Points Available Available
Points Value  3 Points =2.Rs 1 Points =  1 Rs.
Points Stock & Use Only Online Shopping Only Online Shopping


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