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Members Card 2019

Members Card 2019

Published: 2018-11-01

اسلام علیکم
معزز ممبرز اے ٹی سی ممبرز کارڈ جو ہر سال سالانہ فیس ادا کرکے خریداری پر خصوصی رعایت حاصل کی جا سکتی ہے اور ہوم ڈیلیوری بھی حاصل کی جا سکتی ہے اس سال 2019 کا کارڈ 31 دسمبر 2019 تک کابل استعمال ہو گا
منجانب انتظامیہ

 اے ٹی سی



Published: 2017-09-01

Our mission InshaAllah to make your life Easier
1-Provide you Economical rate less then anywhere
2-promis to maintain quality with out fake or expiry products.
3-Mission to give you executive services home deliver etc.

PR Information
1-You are able to find essayer many items and items details with price its help you make right decisions
2-Just order your selected products on website and get delivery at your home step.
3-In ordering procedures you can select regular & Express delivery mathed & also available on payment methods as Cash on door step ,Bank transfer and v soon you are able to make credit cards payment methed,
4-Fesility for members how are busy in the business or not able to make time for grocery or some families how dislike to go in markets some Regions matter or some of are live abroad just order online on ATC Center website and get product on your door step.